Proposals Sought: Ernest Bloch Studies Day: November 7, 2009

“Ernest Bloch Studies Day”

Saturday 7 november 2009
Maison de la Recherche
28 rue Serpente
75006 PARIS

Observatoire Musical Français
Studies Day organized by Emmanuelle DIJON (University of Paris IV Sorbonne)

Around Ernest Bloch (1880-1959)

“Career, friendships and influences”

    This Studies Day will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Ernest Bloch, a Jewish composer of Suisse origin who immigrated to the United States.  His extensive production remains unrecognized in France as well as his vibrant and passionate personality filled with a strong interest in pedagogy and interpretation.

    Ernest Bloch’s inspirations are drawn from diverse artistic currents (post-romanticism, symbolism, primitivism, neoclassicism).  These inspirations have given rise to an abundant and myriad corpus that remains unified by his personal attributes.  Even in his most dissonant works, there are still strong attachments to tonal structures or hierarchies.  With his American students, he enthusiastically shared this rich heritage deeply rooted in European music traditions.

     This insistence on the context and traditional forms tended to curb his rhapsodic outbursts that appear mostly in his Jewish works—these being a large part of his output.  Concerning this subject, Bloch however insisted many times on the individuality of his approach.  His syncretistic spirituality, founded on humanism and universalism, is expressed in his Jewish work of great magnitude, the Sacred Service (1930-1938).  Isolated at the end of his life in a secluded part of Oregon, the compositor turned to a form of pantheism.

    This Studies Day will explore the aesthetic and stylistic aspects of Bloch’s work, his reception in France, Switzerland and elsewhere, and also his teaching career and musical contribution in the United States without forgetting the precious friendships of the composer.
 The unique placement of Ernest Bloch in the history of Jewish music will also by discussed through the analysis of paramount works. Another part will be dedicated to the spirituality of the composer: this could also be compared to the spirituality of his contemporaries and placed in a historical context.

Proposals will be presented in French or in English.
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