CD DDD 8.570259

Dalia Atlas Conducts Bloch

Four Episodes Two Poems

Concertino for Viola & Flute

Suite Modale

Soloists of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Slovac Radio Symphony

Atlas Camerata Orchestra

Noam Buchman, Flute; Yuri Gandesman, Viola


Born in Geneva, Ernest Bloch moved to the United States in 1916. Although Bloch's name is indelibly associated with his 'Jewish works' such as Schelomo  Naxos (8.550519), Suite hebraique (Naxos 8.557151) and the Israel Symphony, his music underwent several changes of compositional style, exploring a varied melodic and harmonic language. The early, neo-romantic diptych Hiver-Printemps was Bloch's first important work to be performed. Scored for string quintet, wind quintet and piano, Four Episodes consists of four short, highly individual and virtuosic movements. for flute, viola and strings and ConcertinoSuite Modale for flute and strings, written towards the end of Bloch's life, provide a masterly demonstration of contrapuntal technique.


CD DDD 8.557151

America (An Epic Rhapsody for Orchestra) 50.03

1. 1620: The Soil - The Indians - (England) - The Mayflower - The Landing of the Pilgrims 19:42

2. 1861 -1865: Hours of Joy - Hours of Sorrow 15:46

3. 1926: The Present - The Future (Anthem) 14:35

Suite hebraique

4. Rapsodie 6:31

5. Processional 2:29

6. Affirmation 3:40

Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

Jucnica Chorus (Chorus-master: Elena Matusova)

Hagain Shaham, Violin

Atlas Camerata Orchestra - Dalia Atlas

Swiss-born Bloch, a pupil of Eugene Ysaye, became an American citizen in 1924. He has a particular reputation as a Jewish composer, and during his life his compositional style underwent several changes. He was hugely prolific, and wrote masterpieces of orchestral, instrumental, vocal and chamber music, America, An Epic Rhapsody, vividly describes the history of the country using styles ranging from Native American folk-music and jazz to the dissonance of car horns. The Suite hebraique, composed especially for Bloch's seventieth birthday festival in Chicago, draws on traditional Jewish melodies to evoke a sense of nostalgia.


Naxos: 8.557757

Violin Concerto

Baal Shem

Suite hebraique (Hebrew Suite)


Naxos: 8.554714

Baal Shem: III. Simchas Torah (5:41)


Naxos: 8.570259

 4 Episodes

2 Poems


Suite modale

Naxos: 8.223288

Poems of the Sea


In the Night

Five Sketches in Sepia


Four Circus Pieces

Naxos: 8.223289


Piano Sonato

Dans Sacree

Visions and Prophecies

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