Flonzaley Quartet

The Flonzaley Quartet was a string quartet organized in New York City in 1902. Founded by Edward J. De Coppet, it consisted of violinists Adolfo Betti and Alfret Pochon, violist Ugo Ara, and cellist Iwan d'Archambeau; the group took its name from De Coppet's summer villa in Switzerland, where the four musicians first rehearsed. The Quartet toured Europe and the United States in 1904, and performed worldwide until disbanding in 1928 after a farewell tour that ended on April 14 in London. Ara was replaced as violist by Louis Bailly from 1917 until 1924; he in turn was replaced by Félicien d'Archambeau, who remained with the group until it disbanded.

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