Agate Beach News: 1941-59

Newport Area Publications
featuring Ernest Bloch 1941 to 1959
(his wife, or anyone associated with him)


Newport Journal, “Real Estate Transfers in County,” September 10, 1941, p. 4.

[Item] Ashel and Faye Bush and Stuart Bush to Ernest and Marguarite Bloch lots 1, 2, 3 in block 29, and lots 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 in block 30, in Agate Beach.


Newport News, Agate Beach News, December 20, 1945

“The Agate Beach Community Club plans to have a Christmas tree for the children of Agate Beach community. Thanks to Mrs. Bloch for donating the money for this worthy event.”

Yaquina Bay News, “Suite Symphonique, Jan. 6,” December 20, 1945



Yaquina Bay News, “Agate Beach Composer Receiving Congratulations.” October 24, 1946, Page 1

Newport Journal, “Agate Beach News,” December 18, 1946, p. 8.

[Item] The Christmas party for the Agate Beach children will be held at the club house Friday afternoon. The patron is Mrs. Ernest Bloch.

Newport Journal, “Agate Beach News,” December 25, 1946, p. 2.

[Item] The childrens party at the Community Club found 37 small guests gathered to meet Santa. Mrs. Lix Parsons, played the accordian for the singing of Christmas carols and to greet St. Nick who arrived on schedule. Those assisting Santa were Mrs. Ernest Bloch . . .


Newport Journal, “Agate Beach News,” January 22, 1947, p. 7.

[Item] Our favorite people this week: Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bloch, very popular in the community, but particularly with the children and those in need. Mr. Bloch is a great composer of music and finds inspiration for his themes in the beauties of nature around Agate Beach.

Yaquina Bay News, “Agate Beach Club Plans New Clubhouse,” January 30, 1947, Final Page

“The Agate Beach Community club . . . has ambitious plans for a new club house. The lots owned by the club have a view, unequaled along the coast. . . . Our favorite people this week are Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Block (sic), very popular in the community particularly with children and those in need. Mr. Block is a great composer and finds inspiration for his musical themes in the beauties of nature around Agate Beach.”

Newport Journal, “Agate Beach News,” April 9, 1947, p. 4.

[Item] The Agate Beach Community Club, Inc., held the regular monthly pot luck supper and business meeting on Wednesday evening. Forty members were present and the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Powell, Mrs. Jennie Tolbert of Portland. Two new members were voted in, Mr. and Mrs. Stout Jr. of Agate Beach. Mr. Ernest Bloch gave a very interesting talk and found his neighbors and friends solidly beside him.

Yaquina Bay News, “Ernest Bloch Is Honored for His Chamber Music,” June 26, 1947, Page 10

“Word just received in Newport tells of new honors for Ernest Bloch. The music critics circle of New York has voted Ernest Bloch’s second quartet as the outstanding American chamber music work, heard in New York for the first time the past season. His quartet was introduced last February by the Griller string quartet.

Mr. and Mrs. Bloch reside in Agate Beach.  This location for his home was chosen because of the natural beauty and quiet seclusion so necessary for Mr. Bloch, whose compositions reflect his great love of natures beauty.”

Mr. Bloch left this week for Berkeley, Calif., where he will be in charge of advanced music classes for the University of California during the summer months.

Newport Journal, “Agate Beach Club Plans Activities for Winter Season,” October 15, 1947, p. 1.

[Item] Mr. Ernst Blach (sic) who has just lately returned from Berkeley is not so well. We do hope it does not prove serious.

Newport Journal, “Agate Beach News,” October 29, 1947, p. 2.

[Item] Mrs. Ernest Block (sic) had the misfortune of breaking her ankle in one of those mishaps so common about the house.

Newport Journal, “Agate Beach News,” November 19, 1947, p. 1.

[Item] Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bloch have returned to their home in Agate Beach after a few days in Portland.

Yaquina Bay News, “Ernest Bloch is Subject of Sketch,” November 20, 1947, Page 6


Newport Journal, “Works of Oregon Composer Featured,” November 26, 1947, p. 1.

(By David W. Eyre in Nov. 14 Issue of Oregon Journal) An earnest man named Ernest Bloch may hunt mushrooms at Agate Beach today.



Newport News, “Newport Chosen for Musicians’ Home,” January 8, 1948, Page 7

“Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Ernst, of Cleveland, Ohio, seemingly have reached the ‘trailer’s end”, after traveling for the past year they are content to drop anchor off Newport. Mr. Ernst having retired from General Motors Company, Cleveland, where his wife, Mrs. Frances M. Ernst, was a prominent musician. Although a wife and mother of two children, she has found time to further her musical career. She attended The Cleveland Institute of Music founded by Mr. Ernest J. Bloch of Agate Beach, while he was director. She taught piano for years, having a lovely contralto voice trained under Charles C. Dawe, director of the Orpheus Choir, touring England with Mr. J. Turner’s Choir, which achieved successes at Welsh Eistedfodd. While on his tour she also attended festival services at Derby-road, Long Eaton, which was the birthplace of Mrs. Ernst. The musical service was under the direction of Mr. G. W. Ibbett of King’s College and the soloist on this occasion was Madame Frances Ernsts (sic), Ohio, U. S. A., his former pupil.

Returning home from her studies abroad on the RMS “Laconia” she was requested to sing, on board sip, for the Charity Concert in aid of British and American Seamen.

Returning to America she taught voice production, piano-forte, and directed junior choirs, until ast year when she laid aside her career to join Mr. Ernst in touring America in a trailer which was to be their home until they relocated. They feel sure they need seek no further and hope to settle near Newport. However, Mrs. Ernst has found one cannot entirely lay aside a talent, and she is now soloist at the Christian Science Society in Newport.”

Newport News, [Item] “Agate Beach News,” January 15, 1948, Page 9

“Blochs Hosts To Children” – On December 23rd the annual Christmas children’s party, sponsored by Mrs. Ernest Bloch, found the club house brimming again. Ninety-two kiddies in Agate Beach community were either entertained in the club house or their gifts of toys, stockings and popcorn balls were delivered to them. Assisting Mrs. Bloch were: . . .”

Newport News, “Concert Series has Brilliant Beginning with Spivakovsky,” January 29, 1948, Page 1

Newport News, “San Francisco Reviewer Discovers Spivakovsky; ‘Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Bloch’ Named,” January 29, 1948, Page 6

Newport News Yaquina Bay News [Consolidated 1947], “Columbia Operatic Trio Here Next Wednesday,” February 12, 1948, Page 1

Newport News, “Spivakovsky Visits Newport,” February 28, 1948, Page 6

Newport News, “Ernest Bloch Cited At Portland Concert,” March 11, 1948, Page 1

Newport News, “Linfield Will Honor Ernest Bloch,” September 16, 1948, Page 1

Newport News, “Ernest Bloch Honored By Linfield Doctorate,” September 30, 1948, Page 4-B

Newport News, “Linfield College Confers Honorary Degree,” October 21, 1948, Page 5-B
[Photo Caption] “Linfield College, McMinnville, September 18 (Special) – Ernest Bloch, internationally known composer now residing at Agate Beach, received the honorary degree of doctor of humane letters from Linfield college Thursday night at the annual convocation opening the 92d academic year of the college. Dr. Harold Jensen, pastor Seattle First Paptist church (left), was principal speaker. Dr. Harry L. Dillin, college president (right, presided for the function. (Courtesy of the Oregonian)


Newport News, “Review of 1948 Pictures,” January 6, 1949, Page 1

[Photo Caption] For the first time Tossi Spivakovsky and the composer, Ernest Bloch, whose work he had often played, at the reception following his Newport concert.

Newport News, “Bloch to Conduct his ‘America’.” February 17, 1949, Page 1

“Ernest Bloch, world renowned conductor-composer resident of Agate Beach, will guest conduct the Portland Symphony orchestra, playing his own epic rhapsody, ‘America,’ at a concert Monday evening in the Portland Civic auditorium. The Swiss-American’s work will occupy the entire post-intermisson (sic) part of the Portland concert.

Newport persons who plan to attend the local man’s concert in Portland are Helen McFeteridge, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hand and Paul, Jr., Mrs. A. W, Kjosness and Valborg Knosness.”

Newport News, “3000 Listen to Bloch,” February 24, 1949, Page 1

Composer Ernest Bloch move his audience to heights of enthusiasm and his audience moved Bloch almost to tears with its reception of his epic rhapsody “America” played by the Portland symphony orchestra which he conducted in his prize-winning composition in the Portland public auditorium Monday night.


Newport News, “Agate Beach News by Mrs. E. F. Koble,” May 19, 1949, Page 3

“Ernest Bloch, our world-renowned composer, has been in Salt Lake City for the past week where he was heard in a concert and was entertained. He left for New York City to spend a week. He leaves by plane for Geneva, Switzerland, today.”

Newport News, “Bloch Conducts Own Concerto,” September 8, 1949, Page 1

“Ernest Bloch, who with his wife lives at Agate Beach, conducted the world premiere of his Piano Concerto with symphony Saturday at the International Music Festival in London.

Before leaving England for the continent and other appearances, he was guest conductor on the BBC program, broadcast throughout Europe.

Soloist for his concerto was Mrs. Corinne Lacomble and, according to telegrams received by Mrs. Bloch, the concerto was highly acclaimed in England.

Bloch has reservations for his return trip in October. He has been in Europe since early spring.”

Newport News, “Famed Sculptor Does Bloch Bust,” October 27, 1949, Page 1

“Ernest Bloch, Agate Beach composer and conductor who has been on tour in Europe since early spring, is now posing in London for Jacob Epstein, world-famous sculptor, who is doing his bust.

Bloch was asked to pose for Epstein after his Sacred Service oratorio received a tremendous ovation in London two weeks ago. He was called back to the podium 14 times by the British audience.

His oratorio and Hebrew Rhapsody are now being recorded by the London Philharmonic orchestra on the Decca label. He is expected to return home late in November, his wife reported.

Newport News, “Ernest Bloch Said One of Greatest Composers,” December 1, 1949, Page 3



Newport News, [Photo Headline] “Bloch Said ‘Most Remarkable of Living Composers,’ January 5, 1950, Page 1

[Photo Caption] “’No Home of mine would be complete without cats,” says Ernest Bloch. Here he relaxes with Mrs. Bloch and two or their pets before fireplace of their big Agate Beach home.”

“Famed Musician Selects Oregon for Home Because Like Native Switzerland, by Vinita Howard”


Newport News, “Miss Bloch Presents Portland Concert,” February 23, 1950, Page 6


Newport News, “Music of Bloch Played Here,” February 23, 1950, Page 6


Newport News, “Junior Symphony To Play Bloch Concerto,” April 20, 1950, Page 4


Newport News, [Item] June 22, 1950, Page 2

“Mr. Ernest Bloch left Thursday for the University of California, at Berkley (sic), where he will be about two months.”

Newport News, “Symphony Dates Ernest Bloch for January Concert,” June 22, 1950, Page 7


Newport News, June 29, 1950, [Photo caption] “Ernest Bloch (right) [actually left] poses at his home at Agate Beach with James Sample, conductor of the Portland Symphony ocrestra (sic). Mr. Sample visited him to make plans for the January concert, when Mr. Bloch will conduct two of his own compositions. This will be his third appearance with the Portland orchestra. Mr. Bloch is now at Berkeley, Calif., giving his annual summer lectures at the University of California.” (Courtesy Oregon Journal)

Newport News, “Chicago Music Festival to Honor Ernest Bloch,” November 23, 1950, Page 1



Newport News, “Composer Block (sic) Returns from Music Festival,”  January 4, 1951, Page 1


Newport News, “City of Chicago, Office of the Mayor, Proclamation,” January 4, 1951, Final Page


Newport News, “Agate Beach News, By Florence Smith,” November 22, 1951, Page 5

[Item] “Ernest Bloch has been spending the past week in Portland. He injured his hand and has had to have treatment. It will be quite some time before he will be able to use his hand.”


Newport News, “Helen McFetridge Leaves for Europe,” June 12, 1952, Page 6


Newport News, “Newport Girl Relates Experiences in Europe,” Page 5

[Helen McFetridge is Helen Johnston Kintner, Ernest Bloch’s former Secretary]


Newport News, “Ernest Bloch Will Be Host To Musicians,” September 25, 1952, Page 8


Newport News, “California University Honors Bloch,” October 9, 1952, Page 1


Newport News, “Agate Beach News, November 13, 1952

[Item] “Ernest Block (sic) went to Portland Wednesday to meet the famous Italian Basso Rossi Lemeni, he will sing the title role in MacBeth the opera composed by Mr. Bloch to be presented in Rome in February. Mr. Bloch plans to be in to hear him.”

Newport News, “Music Critic Praises Work of Ernest Bloch,” January 22, 1953, Page 5



Newport News, “Agate Beach News, January 29, 1953, Page 2

[Item] “Mr. Ernest Bloch left New York January 20 on the Italian S.S. Saturnia for Naples. Then he will go to Rome where his opera “MacBeth” is to be given. He will spend some time in Italy before going to Geneva, Switzerland, where he will visit with his sisters. He then plans to go to Paris and London before returning home. He expects to be gone three months.”

Newport News, “Ernest Bloch’s Opera Acclaimed in Rome,” February 26, 1953, Page 1


Newport News, “Helen McFetridge Becomes Bride in Church Ceremony Last Sunday,” June 25, 1953, Page 1



Newport News, “Blochs Entertain Yehudi Menuhin,” January 14, 1954, Page 4


Newport News, “Ernest Bloch Work Draws Critic Praise,” March 11, 1954


Newport News, “Music By Ernest Bloch To Be Played Sunday Night,” April 22, 1954, Page 1


Newport News, “Bloch Broadcast Slated by KNPT,” April 29, 1954, Page 1


Newport News, “Telegram Tells Praise of Bloch Composition,” July 22, 1954, Page 1.



Newport News, “Bloch Girls Visit At Parents Home,” March 17, 1955, Page 4


Newport News, “Bloch Wins High Degree,” April 21, 1955, Page 6



Newport News, “Ernest Bloch Given University Citation,” October 25, 1956, Page 1



Newport News, “Ernest Bloch Tutors Four Musicians,” August 6, 1957, p. 1.



Newport News, “Menuhin Visits At Bloch Home,” January 16, 1958, p. 9.


Newport News, “Ernest Bloch Ill At Agate Beach,” March 13, 1958, p. 4.


Newport News, “Ernest Bloch Given Further Treatment,” May 1, 1958, p. 1.


Newport News, “Concerts to Include Spivakovsky,” October 9, 1958, p. 1.


Newport News, “Spivakovsky Concert Set,” December 11, 1958, p. 1.



Newport News, “Ernest Bloch Home From Portland Stay,” March 5, 1959, p. 1.


Newport News, “Life Ends For Noted Composer,” July 16, 1959, p. 1.